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Board Meeting Management Platform for the Insurance Market

The use of virtual data rooms is one of the most versatile tools for organizing workflow. Its tools can be used not only for different workflows within a company. They are also suitable for companies working in different fields. The most demanded virtual data room options are in the insurance industry. We suggest learning more about the best solutions for companies working in the real estate market that modern developers offer.


How are virtual data rooms useful for insurance companies?

The world of modern business is becoming more and more focused on customer needs and ensuring maximum protection of sensitive data. Virtual rooms used by insurance companies are no exception. Most companies in this industry use virtual rooms for the following purposes:

  • Protect the confidential data of their customers and business partners;
  • Ensure the quick exchange of important documents;
  • Optimize the work process and make it as efficient as possible.

Virtual data rooms are ideal for realizing these goals. Here is a brief overview of the best options for companies of different business sizes.



This type of software has become a favorite of 2021 and presents the best solution for organizing the management process for companies that specialize in the insurance market. The platform will be suitable for both top level managers and heads of small structural departments. With its help it is possible not only to organize meetings of directors online, but also to plan meetings, record users and their actions, create a folder to store documents needed for the meeting and much more. At the same time the platform is available for companies of different sizes.


iBabs .

This is a comprehensive software solution that provides not only the tools to organize and conduct virtual meetings, but also a space for sharing, using and storing corporate documents. It can be used not only by managers, but also by ordinary employees for communication during work. The main advantages of the company are the availability of its products, their easy installation, configuration and use, as well as a high level of confidential data protection, which is a key requirement of clients working in the insurance market.


Azeus Convene

Like the previous ranking member, the company offers comprehensive workflow services. Its main advantages are:

  • Cross-platform – the software can be easily and effortlessly installed on any user device;
  • High level of corporate security, which is important for companies working with large amounts of confidential data;
  • Built-in tools to conduct video conferences both with business partners and customers without having to visit the office every time;
  • Options for creating and conducting presentations in real time, as well as quick search of the documents necessary for cooperation;
  • Full integration with corporate systems that had been previously installed in the company.

Effectiveness of this software is confirmed by numerous awards and millions of satisfied users worldwide.