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BoardMaps Software Review

The world of modern platforms for organizing the work of companies offers a huge number of reliable solutions. BoardMaps Software occupies a special place among them – one of the best, according to users and experts, platforms for business. This platform has a wide set of tools and options that can be used to solve a large number of ongoing corporate tasks. To learn more about what else BoardMaps Software is good for, please read our short review.


Overview of BoardMaps Software functionality

The developers have positioned BoardMaps as a complete solution for the entire company with a number of unique features. With the help of this software users are able to:

  • Make various company work plans for different timeframes, from flowing tasks for each day to long-term strategies for the company’s development in the near future;
  • Control the work process, beginning with management structures and ending with the analysis of the performance of each individual employee;
  • Organize collaboration with business partners and customers in real time through the use of online meeting tools;
  • Structure corporate documents in file storage according to the selected document storage scheme using state-of-the-art digital security technology;
  • Analyze the main indicators of the company’s work and make or adjust plans for the company’s development based on them.

Such options may be useful both for individual executives and managing units of the company. It is possible to attach and make publicly available both ready and approved documents, and their drafts with the possibility of general review and discussion.

BoardMaps has many functions that board members will appreciate, in particular for organizing and holding business meetings and various kinds of meetings. All meetings can be divided according to their importance, date and other parameters. There is also an option which allows you to divide complex tasks into smaller stages, which greatly simplifies their implementation and control over execution.


Key Benefits of BoardMaps Software

As a comprehensive business management solution, BoardMaps has many benefits that have been rightly praised by users and experts. The main benefits of BoardMaps include:

  1. User-friendliness. Despite the fact that the software offers a fairly wide range of functions for organizing and holding meetings, its interface is simple and clear enough, does not require special knowledge to learn and does not require much time to configure.
  2. Formation of documentation in real time. The platform provides the ability to record meetings in automatic mode, and after the end of the meeting does not require much time to form decisions and minutes. The administrator only needs to monitor whether the appropriate buttons were turned on during the meetings.
  3. Security. Only registered users can get access to virtual whiteboards and meeting rooms. In this case, the security system records the entire history of actions of each account, forming them in a special log.
  4. Good technical support service. BoardMaps developers offer not only high quality software. After installing and configuring the platform, each user has the ability to contact the support service at almost any time of the day.

No wonder that BoardMaps Software is considered one of the best platforms on the market today. Integrate its features with your company and see for yourself!